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Tel: 02890 744166  Email: info@jameshillissolicitors.co.uk

Wills and Probate

Every adult should make a Will and review it regularly, particularly if their circumstances change, such as they get married, have children or get divorced. (In fact it is important to note that marriage invalidates any Will made before marriage).

The main reason is so that you can decide who should benefit (the beneficiaries) after your death. If you fail to make a will you are said to have died intestate. Under this country's intestacy rules the people to whom you would like to leave your estate may receive little, or nothing at all, and others may benefit whom you did not wish to do so.

The second reason is to avoid Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax may be payable by your estate on assets over £300,000 (as of 6 April 2007).

If you have children then it is possible to appoint guardians who will be responsible for your children's upbringing if neither parent is alive, and you can appoint someone you trust to look after your assets until the children become old enough to take responsibility for themselves (your trustees).